Are You Recruiting or Job Searching on TikTok? You should be.

Let’s add another thing to do in the jungle of job searching. On top of the resume perfection, eternal “Do I need a cover letter?” question, endless redundant forms, resume reels, portfolios – you’ve got another thing to consider. TikTok.

This article is less for the TikTok-savvy content producers already killing it on the platform. This more for the people who either ignore TikTok like it’s going to go away (it’s not) or people who know it’s huge but have no idea what to do with this 800-pound bear.

TikTok Resumes #TikTokResume

TikTok launched a pilot project in 2021 focused on allowing companies and potential employees to connect. If this type of recruiting method is good enough for Target and Chipotle, it’s good enough for you.

I’m not diving into all the nuances of the service or the platform. This is a 10,000 foot view to get your aware of something you might be missing out on and desperately need.

How to Recruit on TikTok

Here’s the great news. I’m about to show you a way to recruit that will take little to no amount of your precious non-TikTok knowing time or make the most of the time you DO spend there.

  • Search By Hashtag: You can search by hashtags like any other social media platform. (For those of your REALLY under a rock, that’s the POUND sign.) If you are looking for a #communication #strategist who is on #careertok – you’ll get a list of possible candidates.
  • Motivation Current Employees: If you aren’t on TikTok, your employees of a certain age definitely are. Don’t even look down on younger generations, because I’m a proud member of #GenXTok. If you know someone is a TikTok Tribe Member, ask THEM to search candidates for you. Maybe sweeten up the reward with a Target or Chipotle gift card for a candidate that pans out. You can also ask them to create a post for a job opening on their own TikTok account – journalists follow journalists. Social media managers follow social media managers. Etc.
  • Don’t Limit Your Search: I know too many hiring managers, especially in local news, who sift through YouTube looking for reporter, anchor, or weather reels ad nauseum. You spend hours looking at long reels and then emailing them to see contract status. Do the same with TikTok, only you’ll get about a minute introduction to someone’s life, resume, work, or character.
  • Put Yourself Out There: You have to at least BE on TikTok if you want to make the most of this opportunity. You can become the all-knowing recruiting expert. You can give the “Top 3 ways to nail the interview” or “Top 5 biggest mistakes people make when applying for a reporter job.” How about a “Why Local News Producing is the Best Job Ever?”

Authenticity Reigns on TikTok

One of the great things that we experience now on social media is a vibe of authenticity. Real people talking about real problems. Real people sharing common experiences once never openly discussed.

When you search for a candidate on TikTok, you’re seeing the best of their personality. You’ll get to experience their authentic spirit instead of the buttoned up or nervous vibe you get on a cold call or scheduled interview that might feel akin to being called to the principle’s office in high school.

Take Baby Steps

I’m not asking you to jump into the deep end of the TikTok pool, but I think a few simple steps can help you move forward.

  • How about tapping one of your TikTok talented employees to do a department head presentation on the benefits of TikTok?
  • Get on the platform with your own account. You don’t have to do ANYTHING else for the first month. There are millions of people with accounts who just WATCH the world of TikTok like it’s 1980’s and the Golden Girls just debuted Season 4.
BE WARNED: TikTok is addictive

I wasn’t the biggest TikTok fan in its early days, but the more I used the platform, the more I got content that appealed to me. I’ve learned so many great life hacks, amazing recipes, and formed bonds with global Golden Retriever lovers.

For those GenX and older who are still not quite convinced – how about if I tell you that even Richard Marx is on TikTok? You might have candidates “Right Here Waiting for You”, but instead you’re complaining over your job database with your Super Mocha Chocca Latte that there are no good candidates out there.

If you need help with TikTok Recruiting Strategy, my services are available!

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