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All Reporters Should Be Doing This With Their Reel

For a budding on-air journalist, the reel is what matters most, if not a LOT when it comes to looking for a job. Each News Director is particular about what do and don’t want to see on a reel, making it damn near impossible to please everyone. For example, I was a fan of a…

Why Easter Isn’t a Federal Holiday

Easter isn’t just a holiDAY, it’s a series of days leading up to Easter Sunday. Growing up Lutheran, Palm Sunday started a week of holidays, with Maundy Thursday being the kick off to the “big” event of Easter Sunday. Most federal holidays are not based in religion, aside from Christmas. Since Easter is always on…

The Tails Have Turned: Lessons from “Rescued by Ruby”

I want to binge the new season of Bridgerton as much as the next person this weekend, but there’s a “diamond” of the season outside of luxurious London of a bygone era. This one is set in New Hampshire, of all places, accents and all. It’s called “Rescued by Ruby“. It opens with a “Based…

A PR PSA: Stop pitching products or services; Pitch stories

It amazing how PR and media coverage go hand in hand, yet they speak completely different languages. However, the local news language must win for both sides to be successful. The 5 Second Rule It’s not just about dropping food on the floor. It’s the average amount of time your news release has to get…


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