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Read This Before Accusing a Writer of Using AI

The advent of Chat GPT, Bard, and a litany of other AI writing tools has brought the world into an exciting yet uncomfortable space. We can all see the benefit of AI-generated anything, but we also see the risks and threats that loom. Much like the inundation of social media that connected the world, eventually,…

Leaving Local News: Is The Grass Greener?

One year ago, I made the biggest decisions of my life. I left local news. It wasn’t a long nagging feeling I debated in agony as some of you are experiencing. There were frustrations, yes. It was always a higher calling for me. I wanted to make a community better, smarter, safer, and engaged. It…

The Two-Faced Television Anchor and How She Can Help You

“I always had two faces,” she tells me as we banter about her new side hustle. Elizabeth Schrack, or Elizabeth Watts, as I knew her back in the day when we worked at FOX5 in Las Vegas together, always shined with natural beauty. Her personality was anything but two-faced. News reporters, anchors, meteorologist, and sports…

Mega Millions Mayhem: Do You Really Want to Win?

I’ll admit, I’ve never been one to chase a lottery jackpot. Sure, I’m not above buying a ticket if the jackpot was high and I happened to be in a convenience store. Perhaps it’s a life of anxiety and GenX traits that make me less likely and much more cynical about a winning ticket. Let’s…


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