The Two-Faced Television Anchor and How She Can Help You

“I always had two faces,” she tells me as we banter about her new side hustle. Elizabeth Schrack, or Elizabeth Watts, as I knew her back in the day when we worked at FOX5 in Las Vegas together, always shined with natural beauty. Her personality was anything but two-faced.

News reporters, anchors, meteorologist, and sports anchors face the harsh lights and weather elements which takes a toll on skin and requires heavy makeup with constant touchups. For 25+ years I watched miraculous transformations of makeup happen as I sat, freezing to death, wrapped in a blanket and hoodie with my hair in a bun. There was the person and there was the anchor, each sporting a different face.

Stripping Away the Layers

Long before all these contouring videos and hour-long makeup applications, there was a simple world of trying to enhance what you have, not change the shape of your nose. Don’t get me wrong. NOTHING is bad about the makeup world of 2022. It’s fascinating to me, but for many middle-aged women, it’s just not something we are going to take the time to do.

This contouring satire sound has me in stiches in social media.


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♬ sailorj contouring 101 on youtube – Skerb

It took me a long time to be happy with the person I see in the mirror. I certainly don’t want her to look so different that I don’t recognize her. I don’t want her makeup on my pillows and I don’t want to invest the money into something that doesn’t really matter. As an aging woman, I don’t want to look like I’m “trying too hard.”

This is where Elizabeth found herself as she left a storied career in local news and was out in the wild world without breaking news and always being recognized at the grocery store.

She’s starting what I believe is a great side hustle. Full disclosure, yes, there’s a product. If you buy it, she makes money. While I will support my friend any way I can, her mission resonated with me more than the products (of which I know very little as of this publication). However, I trust my friend.

“What really turned me onto it is that I’m getting older but have used the same makeup for 15 years. I didn’t even realize that’s a problem. But our skin changes our coloring changes as we mature… and this cream makeup is light, yet effective. It works with our skin tones too which is why you have to get a free color match before you buy.”

Elizabeth Schrack

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Youth Is Wasted On the Young

We might battle self-love and self-esteem issues as we move through our 20s and 30s, but we do have an air of invincibility. We believe this skinny body, taught skin, firm bum, etc., will always be there. We pick apart our imperfections not realizing that in just a few short years you’ll really have something to whine about. All those years of sun exposure bring fine lines that we perceive as the Grand Canyon of wrinkles.

While Elizabeth’s side hustle is going to help anyone who wants to work on natural and practical makeup that withstands daily elements, it’s not designed for those who want the full Monty of makeup. This is geared towards GenXers who remember a simpler makeup process meant to enhance natural beauty without taking up a lot of time.

“This can take five minutes total for the face. Add another five for eyes, but you could keep that very natural and take even less,” Elizabeth tells me as I poke and prod for more information.

Free Makeup & Hair Advice for Everyone

Contrary to the popular assumptions that people on television news have someone doing their hair and makeup, that’s not the case. The large majority of journalists are learning how to do their makeup while still scouring through an Affidavit of Probable Cause. They end up becoming de facto experts. Now you can learn from her experience without going down a rabbit hole of $150 highlighting sticks.

One of my favorite parts about Elizabeth is that she’s just a real, down-to-earth person. The “girl next door,” if you will. When I first hired here I loved her quiet demeanor that actually contained a wicked sense of humor.

I was her boss at the time, so my relationship with her was professional. Yet from the glass walls of my office I watched as she and a colleague can up with a fake sitcom called “Watts the MATTer.” If memory serves, it even had a theme song.

She once almost burned the newsroom down making microwaved mac & cheese. Turns out there’s a real fire hazard if you don’t add water to the mix. We teased her relentlessly, and I still do to this day, but she handled it with epic grace. Her humble grace makes her so approachable for advice without the “hard sell” many of us dread when there’s a product pitch involved.

“I got soooo sick of applying so much makeup to my face, then reapplying and touching up three times a day in news. This is nice you get it done quick and still look put together,” Elizabeth said with relief in her voice.

Now as her friend, we can commiserate about getting older, skin elasticity issues, “trying to look too young” in a world that wants you to look young, and the reality of middle-aged skin.

If you are one of the women (or men) trying to find a balance between contouring techniques that are simple and non-Kardashian, I urge you to consider joining her Facebook group and just see if this resonates with you.

GenX has always had a fierce independent streak, but this is a safe place to talk about what the Millennials and GenZ can’t see through those massive fake eyelashes. (Again, no judgment. Fake eyelashes are fantastic – it’s just too labor-intensive for some of us.)

Having one face you can filter yourself with slight improvements is a much-needed tool in this hectic world. Appreciating the side hustle of a working woman trying to figure out a place outside of local news is something many of us can understand.

It’s also rare to find a person who is anything but two-faced and her authenticity will make you a new friend and a beauty advisor in just a few quick chats.

I know I’m looking forward to the next tutorial. Won’t you join me?

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