All Reporters Should Be Doing This With Their Reel

For a budding on-air journalist, the reel is what matters most, if not a LOT when it comes to looking for a job. Each News Director is particular about what do and don’t want to see on a reel, making it damn near impossible to please everyone.

For example, I was a fan of a slate with timecodes on it so I could jump to what I want to see. Anchoring? Where is it? Reporting? Why is it buried at the end when I’m looking for a reporter?

Now YouTube has a great way to segment or chapter each section of a reel so even the pickiest News Director who hates slates can’t complain.

It’s also insanely easy. Isn’t it nice that something helpful can be so damn easy?

Here’s how to do it in a very down and dirty video I created before a business call. I hope this helps you!

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