What Is Green Monday and Why Does it Matter to You?

You’ve heard of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday – but what’s with this Green Monday? It might just be the most important of the sales days if you want to have gifts that arrive on time.

Green Monday is a phrase coined by eBay, generally the second Monday in December, where sales galore happen with the guarantee of arriving before Christmas.

Now that was in 2007, when two-day shipping cost as much as the gift itself and we didn’t expect anything we ordered for 5-10 days.

In 2021, we’re spoiled. We expect 2 day shipping and we want it free, to boot! Plus, there is still plenty of time according to the deadlines from the major mailing services.

What’s different in 2021? Yes, we can get it there faster now. Cue the “But”… I’m going to avoid using the word “unprecedented” and say this:

  • Supplies are low on some key items, and it might be the one you want
  • Distribution holdups and demand for truck drivers can impact stock
  • There is a lot to be delivered and that high volume can lead to delays

Don’t forget my list of things that seem like good presents but might not be!

I am all for any holiday that promotes shopping, as a self-described shopaholic. I am not supportive of a day that makes stressed people feel more stressed.

There are great services like Shipt (full disclosure, I gig work for them) where you can order you Christmas list from a variety of retailers and have it delivered to your door same day.

Many retailers now offer you to buy online and pick up in store, another great option for a busy person like yourself.

Retailers are cashing in on another spending spree. Even Best Buy has the words “Green Monday” above the fold on its website.

At this point in the year, I’m done shopping for the holiday and already pre-planning for the Semi-Annual sales that start late December/early January. If you are one of the people behind on shopping, enjoy Green Monday and cross your fingers for smooth delivery.

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